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SMAN4, 4 Port Wireless Digital Manifold


Brand: Fieldpiece

SMAN4 has been discontinued.
Direct Replacement:
Brand: Fieldpiece



Type: Digital Manifold
Application: HVAC
Wireless Range: Up to 100 feet
Operating Environment: 32°F to 122°F at <75% RH
Battery Type: 6 x AA
Battery Life: 135 Hours (without backlight)

Description for Fieldpiece SMAN4

The SMAN4 is a 4-port, wireless digital manifold with a large 3/8" port for faster evacuations and recovery. With four ports and a built-in vacuum gauge, HVACR professionals can now evacuate a system, pull a vacuum, add refrigerant and dial in the charge at one time, without having to hook and unhook any hoses.

To make things even easier, the SMAN4 wirelessly receives live indoor wet bulb and outdoor dry bulb, then automatically calculates real-time target superheat, and displays both the target superheat and actual superheat on the large, backlit display. Plus, the SMAN4 digital manifold displays actual subcooling and superheat simultaneously.

The SMAN4 manifold also wirelessly sends six measurements (indoor wet bulb, outdoor dry bulb, suction line temperature, suction line pressure, liquid line temperature, and liquid line pressure) to the Fieldpiece HVAC Guide System Analyzer, model HG3. The HG3 then combines the SMAN4 wireless measurements with wireless airflow measurements for full system analysis -- in real-time!


  • 4-port Wireless Manifold - SMAN4
  • Pipe Clamp Thermocouples (2) - ATC1
  • Wet Bulb Thermocouple - ATWB1
  • Dry Bulb Thermocouple - ATA1
  • Padded Drawstring Pouch - ANC10
  • Operator?s manual

SMAN4, 4 Port Wireless Digital Manifold

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