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SRH3, In-Duct Digital Psychrometer


Brand: Fieldpiece

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Type: Psychrometer
Application: HVAC
Operating Temp Range: -40 F to 140 F
Auto-Off: 15 minutes
Battery Life: Approx. 150 hours (9V alkaline)
Height (Inches): 7.9
Width (Inches): 2-3/5"
Depth (Inches): 1-2/5"

Description for Fieldpiece SRH3

The SRH3 InDuct Psychrometer is a great tool to properly charge fixed restirctor systems by quickly determining the target superheat, and to help determine optimum airflow across the evaporator with a target evaporator exit temperature test. To assist HVACR professionals get the proper measurements, Fieldpiece engineered this in-duct psychrometer to take measurements in the duct where they are supposed to be taken - near the evaporator!

  • Measures temperature (DB) and %relative humidity (%RH)
  • Calculates wet bulb (WB) and dew point (DP)
  • Slim 38" telescoping probe
  • Fast response time
  • Depth and direction indicators
  • Hands-free testing with stabilizing cone and magnetic hanger
  • Calculates target superheat and target evaporator exit temperature
Includes: InDuct digital psychrometer - SRH3
Stabilizing cone
Blow-molded case with padding

Please Note: Image depcits SRH2 Model

SRH3, In-Duct Digital Psychrometer

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