Fieldpiece's custom HVAC/R charging kit includes all of these great tools in one bag: True RMS Clamp-On DMM model SC77 for electrical parameters and temperature, the SRH2 Diagnostic Psychrometer for Target Superheat and Evaporator Exit Temp, the SSX34 Real-time Pressure and Line Temperature Meter for actual superheat and subcooling, ATC1 Pipe Clamp Thermocouple for accurate line temps fast (included w/ SSX34), the Advanced Infrared Refrigerant Leak Detector model SRL2K7 (minus the blow molded case) to track down refrigeration system leaks. It all fits neatly into the ANC3 Briefcase Style Service Bag to carry over your shoulder.

This kit includes:
  • SC77 - True RMS Clamp-On DMM mode
  • ATB1 - Bead Tip
  • ADLS2 - Silicone Deluxe
  • ASA2 - Small Alligators
  • SRH2 - Diagnostic Psychrometer
  • ATA1 - Bead w/ Alligator
  • ATWB1 - Wet Bulb w/ Alligator
  • SSX34 - Real-time Pressure and Line Temperature Meter
  • ATC1 - Pipe clamp (1-3/8")
  • ANC3 - Briefcase style bag
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