• Filter driers remove contaminants, moisture, and acids from an air conditioning system, all of which are harmful to system functionality. Installing a filter drier will help ensure effective, long lasting system performance.

    Bi-directional heat pump filter driers eliminate moisture and contaminants during the cooling and heating cycles of a heat pump system. White Rodgers 96-TBF heat pump driers can be installed in any position in the reversing liquid line. These unique filter driers contain internal check valves to prevent the release of collected contaminants when the heat pump cycles from heating to cooling modes.

    The liquid line of a refrigerant system carries refrigerant liquid from the condenser. White Rodgers 96-TD liquid line filter driers remove moisture, acid and foreign materials in order to protect the compressor, solenoid valves, expansion valves, and capillary tubes of the air conditioning system. A 96-TD liquid line filter-drier may be installed in any position; however, best results are achieved when located as close as possible to the inlet of the expansion device.

    The inlet to the compressor is known as the suction line. The suction line brings low pressure vapor from the evaporator into the compressor. Suction line filter driers, such as the White Rodgers 96-TS series, are designed to clean a cooling system after a compressor burnout by removing solid contaminants and harmful acids that are created during a burnout. Alternatively, 96-TS filter driers can be installed as a suction line filter drier in remote systems with long refrigerant lines. The filter drier will collect and hold any dirt that is in the evaporator or suction line at start-up.
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