10 Plate, 10" x 20" Double Wall Vented Heat Exchanger Zoom

10 Plate, 10" x 20" Double Wall Vented Heat Exchanger


Brand: FlatPlate

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Application: Heating
Number of Plates: 10
Cover Plate Material: Stainless Steel
Brazing Material: Copper
Flow Rate (GPM): 200
Max Temp (F): 350ºF
Thread Type: Male
Thread Size: 1"

Description for FlatPlate DW10X20-10

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The FlatPlate DW Series Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger is a double-wall vented heat exchanger for isolating potable water in the safest possible manner. It is designed to meet local, state and provincial codes for double separation of potable water from boiler water, other non-potable fluids or refrigerants.


  • Peace of Mind: Any leak from one side is vented to the outside, eliminating cross-contamination of fluids. It complies with code requirements and is UL-listed and CRN-registered as standard, with optional ASME U-Stamp.
  • Durability: The DW features full-thickness plates (not the half-thickness used in other designs).
  • High Performance: The DW is rated at 450psig design pressure. Unlike other solutions that are limited to 150psig, the DW's higher pressure rating makes it more versatile for demanding applications.
  • Greater Value: As much as 60% smaller in size and weight for the same performance, it is easier to install, saving money both in purchase price and installation cost.
  • XP High Pressure Option on the 10x20 size: Special construction enables the DW-XP to handle the higher operating pressures associated with R410a applications. Thicker front and back cover plates extend the pressure range up to an operating pressure of 650 psig (45 barg). Result? Reach for the DW-XP when designing for R410a.
  • Verifiable Vented Leak Path: Two vent holes are designed into the DW Series to provide leak indication. If a plate breach or failure ever occurs the fluid will leak from these vents, indicating a problem and preventing cross-contamination of fluids. This positive leak detection design is unique to GEA, protected by US Patent # 5,462,113 and patents in UK, Germany, Sweden France, China and Australia.
  • Robust Plate Design: This special plate design by GEA PHE Systems, the Rolled Edge Lock System, guarantees a consistent braze joint at the plate overlap and results in a stronger and more leak-proof heat exchanger. The contact points, extended and larger in design, provide stronger braze joints between the plates, thus guaranteeing high heat exchanger strength.
  • Full-Flow System: Originally developed by GEA PHE Systems, every new plate design is now equipped with the Full-Flow System. This unique flow system insures continuous flow around the port area to prevent freezing and also feeds the working fluid equally over the channel to guarantee maximum use of the heat transfer area. Additional protection and performance from GEA PHE Systems.

10 Plate, 10" x 20" Double Wall Vented Heat Exchanger

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