Flex Duct

Hart and Cooley offers flexible duct products for both residential and commercial applications that provide solutions to your air-handling needs. Hart and Cooley uses Formaldehyde-Free insulation for improved indoor air quality. Available in boxes or banded bags. Custom lengths available.

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Black Polyethylene Jacket Air Ducts

Look here to find Hart & Cooley air ducts with black polyethylene jackets.

Metalized Jacket Air Ducts

Look here to find Hart & Cooley air ducts with metalized jackets.

Air Connectors

This category contains air connectors manufactured by Hart & Cooley.


This category contains sleeves manufactured by Hart & Cooley.

More About Flex Duct

Quality duct is essential to maximize the efficiency of central air conditioning units. Flexible duct is quality duct and has become the most popular type of duct used in HVAC systems. Flex ducts can be used for heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems in both residential and commercial applications. They are light-weight, fully insulated and easy to install.

Our website offers a variety of residential flex ducts, air connectors and sleeves manufactured by Hart & Cooley. These flexible duct products are designed to remain mold and mildew-free throughout their lifespan. Hart & Cooley's residential line of flexible ducts contain formaldehyde-free insulation, which is substantially less irritating than traditional insulation. The residential series is made of a double ply polyester core with an encapsulated wire helix, and is available in either a black or metalized polyester jacket. This flex duct is Greenguard for Children & Schools Certified and Greenguard "Highly Microbial Resistant" rated (level 4), making it the most highly certified flexible duct in the industry.