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  • The Flowtech Safety Systems┬« is a unique, superior Gas and Carbon Monoxide (CO) detection safety system. It is the only system on the market with a Gas Detection Sensor and Gas Shut-off Valve. Our system detects Natural Gas, Propane (LPG) and CO gas leaks and automatically shuts off the source of the danger while alerting you of an emergency. Flowtech works with independent Gas, Oil and HVAC installation companies to install our system in commercial and residential premises. The Flowtech Safety Systems helps to ensure gas leaks and CO dangers are mitigated before they harm life or property, reducing CO poisoning and or a gas explosion from an internal gas leak.

    Flowtech Safety Systems goal is to ensure LPG (propane), natural gas (methane) and carbon monoxide (CO) leaks are mitigated before they harm life or property. Giving peace of mind to all building owners and residents.
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