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Lift Gate Service For Freight Deliveries


Brand: Generic

LIFT_GATE has been discontinued.
Please contact customer service at
(888) 757-4774 for help finding an alternative.

Description for Generic LIFT_GATE

The purchase of this item ensures that when the freight truck arrives with your boiler/water heater, the truck will be equipped with a lift gate. A lift gate transfers your boiler/water heater down from the truck and onto the street. All of our boilers/water heaters are shipped via freight companies and may be ordered with the lift gate.

Be aware that standard trucks do not have lift gates, therefore if you do not order a lift gate, you will need the assistance of several people to get the boiler/water heater off the truck once it is delivered.

Liftgate service includes removal of your package from the truck and provides curbside delivery.

PLEASE NOTE: The product weighs 1 lbs. and may require the use of a
lift gate.
If you do require a lift gate at your delivery, you'll have the option to add this FREE of charge when you checkout.

Lift Gate Service For Freight Deliveries

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