Brass Horizontal Side Wall Sprinkler Head - 155°F (1/2" Thread) Zoom

Brass Horizontal Side Wall Sprinkler Head - 155°F (1/2" Thread)


Brand: Globe Sprinkler

Globe Sprinkler
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Size: 1/2"
Application: Plumbing
Product Type: Sprinkler Head
Finish: Brass
Max Temp (F): 155°F
Max Pressure (PSI): 175 psi
Warranty: 1 Year
Hydrostatic Test Pressure: 500 psi
Type: Horizontal Sidewall
Connection Type: Threaded

Description for Globe Sprinkler 567015501

Note: This sprinkler head is compatible with 325422: 1/2" Escutcheon

The Globe GL Series Sprinkler is a low profile yet durable design which utilizes a frangible glass ampule as the thermosensitive element. While the sprinkler provides an aesthetically pleasing appearance, it can be installed wherever standard spray sprinklers are specified.

The heart of Globe's GL Series sprinkler proven actuating assembly is a hermetically sealed frangible glass ampule that contains a precisely measured amount of fluid. When heat is absorbed, the liquid within the bulb expands increasing the internal pressure. At the prescribed temperature, the internal pressure within the ampule exceeds the strength of the glass causing the glass to shatter. This results in water discharge which is distributed in an approved pattern depending upon the deflector style used. The sprinkler and escutcheon are not factory assembled. Assembly is done in the field.


  • Brass plated
  • Frame: Bronze
  • Deflector: Brass
  • Screw: Brass
  • Bulb Seat: Copper
  • Spring: Nickel alloy
  • Seal: Teflon
  • Bulb: Glass with glycerin solution, 5mm size
  • One year warranty
Note: This product should be used in stand-alone Fire Protection systems only. It is not lead free, and should not be in contact with the potable water supply.

Brass Horizontal Side Wall Sprinkler Head - 155°F (1/2" Thread)

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