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This category contains a wide variety of HVAC controls.

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This category contains a wide variety of HVACR controls manufactured by ICM Controls.

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Pressure Controls are designed to switch electrical loads such as contactors, relays,

Intellidyne High Efficiency Controls

This category contains energy savings controls for commercial and residential heating

Qwik Controls

QwikSEER+ WattSaver is an innovative and cost effective electronic control that opera

Bimetal Disc Controls

This category contains White Rodger's bimetal disc thermostats and board mount limit

Furnas Controls

Electric controls include various Contactors, Transformers, and Relays used in contro

Lutron Dimmer Switches

With a wide array of styles, colors, and control options, Lutron offers hundreds of c

Hard Start Devices

This category contains hard start devices manufactured by MARS, Rectorseal, Supco, an

More About HVAC Controls

The main purpose of HVAC and refrigeration controls is to maintain system performance and extend the life of the HVAC or refrigeration unit. Applications where HVAC and refrigeration controls are necessary include air conditioners, water heaters, refrigerators, ice makers and freezers.

Common HVAC controls include time delay relays, which help protect air conditioning, refrigeration and heat pump equipment from damage that can occur by rapid short cycling compressors, and fan blower controls, which control circulating fans in air conditioning, heat pump and forced air systems. Other available HVAC controls manufactured by ICM Controls include condensation controls, dryout thermostats, freeze protection modules, motor starters, starting relays, head pressure and motor controls.

Common refrigeration controls include temperature controls, fan controls and pressure controls. Temperature controls provide limit or temperature control in refrigerated areas. Fan controls are used with refrigeration and air conditioning condenser applications for fan motor speed control. Pressure controls include differential pressure controls, which measure the drop in pressure across two different points of an HVAC unit, and pressure cutout controls, which are designed to de-energize the compressor when pressure falls below the differential setpoint. Choose controls from a variety of brands, including Honeywell, Ranco, White Rodgers and Johnson Controls.

Intellidyne high efficiency controls are compatible with refrigeration, packaged/roof top air conditioning, hydronic steam and forced air heating applications. The technology implemented in these controls reduces the amount of electric and fuel consumption used by HVAC units.