HVAC and Refrigeration Valves

Thermal expansion valves, constant pressure expansion Valves, HVAC ball valves, A/C condensing unit shut off valves, and refrigeration solenoid valves can be found here.

Water Pressure Regulating Valves

This category contains valves that regulate water flow.

Thermal Expansion Valves (TXV)

Thermal Expansion Valves are designed for a wide range of air conditioning, refrigera

HVAC & Refrigeration Solenoid Valves

This category contains HVAC & Refrigeration Solenoid Valves from Emerson Flow Control

Heat Pump Reversing Valves

The RANCO 4-Way Reversing Valve, when installed in a heat pump system, reverses the d

Refrigeration Ball Valves

Here you can find refrigeration ball valves manufactured by Parker Hannifin and Emers

Check Valves

This category contains check valves. A check valve is a one way valve. This valve is

Refrigeration Access Valves

This category contains automotive process couplings, quick-connect couplings and dust

Base Mount Service Valves

This category contains base mount service valves manufactured by Parker Hannifin.

Heat Reclaim Valves

This category contains Heat Reclaim Valves and repair kits manufactured by Parker Han

Crankcase Pressure Regulating Valves

Crankcase Pressure Regulating Valves are designed to prevent overloading of the compr

Head Pressure Regulating Valves

This category contains OROA and ORI head pressure regulating valves manufactured by P

Discharge By-Pass Valves

This category contains discharge by-pass valve manufactured by Parker Hannifin. Hot g

Evaporator Pressure Regulators

Evaporator Pressure Regulators are mechanical regulators which use highside system pr

Auxiliary Side Connectors

This category contains auxiliary side connectors manufactured by Parker Hannifin.