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More About Tools

The type of HVAC tool that an installer, service technician or homeowner requires will vary depending on the application. Tools necessary to complete common commercial and residential projects will range from refrigeration and measurement instruments to duct and sheet metal tools.

Whether you are installing or repairing air conditioning or heating duct work, you will most likely require the use of some specialized duct tools. Cutting tools such as the duct cutter and duct knife cut insulated flexible round ducts. The duct cutter cuts through the duct liner's wire rib coil, while the duct knife's double edged blade simplifies cutting insulation and liner of flex round ducts. Other cutting tools, such as the channel cutter and TurboShear, are capable of cutting thicker materials.

Common HVAC measurement devices are used to measure electrical components, refrigerant pressure, gas pressure, static pressure, pressure differential, temperature and vacuum on a refrigeration system. Gas analyzers and combustion analyzers help locate gas leaks and measure combustion efficiency of equipment.

Refrigeration equipment used for residential, commercial and industrial applications include refrigerant recovery units, which recovers refrigerant in either liquid or vapor form from air conditioning units and refrigeration systems. Vacuum pumps are designed for quick evacuation of refrigeration systems and charging scales accurately weigh refrigerant tanks during charging and recovery operations. Other common refrigeration tools include flaring tools, tubing cutters, refrigeration wrenches capillary cutters and manifold sets with gauges.

We offer a wide variety of these specialized HVAC tools manufactured by premium brands such as Bacharach, Fieldpiece and Malco.