H2OFlux is a unique blend of organic flux activitors and wetting agents which allows for all excessive flux and flux residues to be completely water flushable as required by ASTM B-813.

  • Smooth, non-runny paste that applies easily and spreads evenly
  • Cleans, fluxes, retards oxide formation, penetrates oil film, and enhances uniform solder flow
  • Contains zinc chloride, the chemical which has always provided superior cleaning effectiveness.
  • For sweat soldering most common metals except aluminum.
  • Ideal for soft solder applications of copper and copper alloy tube and fittings in plumbing, hydronic heating, air conditioning, mechanical, fire sprinkler and other similar systems
  • H2OFlux meets all requirements of the Federal Safe Drinking Water Act. Meets ASTM B-813
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Product Type:
Water Flushable Paste
16 oz.
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