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32 oz. Cloroben PT-BIO1


Brand: Hercules

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Size: 32 oz

Description for Hercules 137301

32 oz. Cloroben PT-BIO1 Overview:

A concentrated liquid blend of fast acting grease and waste digesting bacteria and safe, biodegradable grease and soil modifiers. Does not contain any acids, caustics, solvents or other harsh or harmful ingredients. PT-BI01 continues its grease-digesting action in sewer lines, improving the performance of cesspools, septic tanks, and drain fields. Waste digesting bacteria biodegrade greasy matter en route, preventing redeposition and problems such as interior (crown) corrosion and sewer gas formation. Safe for use in all types of drainage plumbing. Helps eliminate unpleasant odors and slow drainage by breaking down and digesting fats, oils, grease, and other waste stream organics. USDA authorized/NSF registered for use in food processing plants. Regular use of PT-BI01 improves the function and condition of grease traps, prevents waste accumulation and odor problems in lines, floor drains, traps or disposal units, and keeps sump lift stations operating properly. It also reduces or eliminates operation downtime and damage from grease trap overflow.

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32 oz. Cloroben PT-BIO1

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