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128 oz. Cloroben PT-4


Brand: Hercules

137503 has been discontinued.
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Brand: Hercules

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128 oz. Cloroben PT-4 Overview:

A unique non-acid, non-caustic formulation, PT-4 is formulated to safely liquefy and disperse grease, soap scum, food residue, sludge and other waste build-up in all types of plastic or metal plumbing. Pine scented PT-4 helps prevent blockages, before they happen and quickly cleans and deodorizes all parts of drainage systems. Makes cabling a drain line easier, and cleans greasy solids from tools and many types of hard surfaces.

PT-4 has a carry-through effect to sewers and septic systems. Greasy matter is kept in solution and prevented from redepositing and causing inside (crown) corrosion and the formation of sewer gases downstream. Since waste is solubilized it is readily available to waste stream microorganisms, beginning the bio-degradation process. USDA authorized and biodegradable, PT-4 does not contain any petroleum-based solvents, ozone depleting substances, greenhouse gases, or agents listed as marine pollutants. Regular use of Cloroben PT-4 will keep drains free flowing and clean.
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128 oz. Cloroben PT-4

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