1lb. Break-Thru Root Force Foaming Root Destroyer Zoom

1lb. Break-Thru Root Force Foaming Root Destroyer


Brand: Hercules

20-550 has been discontinued.
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SKU: 20602
Brand: Hercules


Application: Plumbing
Color: Tan
Size: 1 lb

Description for Hercules 20-550

Hercules BREAK-THRU ROOT FORCE is a blend of high foaming surfactants, fillers and the active ingredient dichlobenil, which kills roots and prevents the growth of new roots.


  • Highly productive foaming system, releases the chemical herbicide, which clings to and is absorbed by infiltrating root tips.
  • Affected roots then decompose and are washed away without injury to the main tree or shrub.
  • Because Root Force also clings to pipe surfaces, new root growth from outside the pipe is inhibited.
  • Can be used in lines leading to cesspools and septic tanks when used as directed.
  • Does not contain copper or copper compounds and is thus usable even where copper products are restricted.
  • In water soluble bags; no measuring, no mixing, no mess. EPA Registration No. 7687-3 EPA Est. No. 065387-AR-001.

1lb. Break-Thru Root Force Foaming Root Destroyer

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