32 oz Wham Drain & Waste System Cleaner Overview:

A multi-use, powerful, concentrated chemical emulsifier which liquifies and disperses grease, soap, detergents and other organic waste responsible for system failures. Biodegradable formula is non-acid/non-caustic and will not harm digestive bacteria. Safe to use in metal or PVC plastic plumbing. Non-corrosive to metal, enamel ware, ceramics and concrete. Makes cabling a drain line easier and cleans greasy solids from tools and many types of hard surfaces. Use regularly as a preventive treatment to keep drain lines, septic tanks, grease traps and waste systems at maximum efficiency.

Wham has a carry-through effect to sewers and septic systems. Greasy matter is kept in solution and prevented from redepositing further down the line. Since waste is solubilized, it is readily available to digestive bacteria, beginning the bio- degradation process sooner. When used regularly, wham helps condition drain fields and filter beds and improves porosity, absorption, and the leaching ability of the soil. Cures sluggish and malfunctioning septic tanks and cesspools, reduces odors, and helps restore waste system to efficient operation. Wham is a cost effective way to revitalize and help restore malfunctioning waste disposal systems.

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32 oz.
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