32 oz. Break-Thru Septic Tank & Cesspool Restorer Zoom

32 oz. Break-Thru Septic Tank & Cesspool Restorer


Brand: Hercules

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Application: Plumbing
Size: 32 oz
Color: Blue
Boiling Point: 212°F

Description for Hercules 20515

Hercules BREAK-THRU Septic Tank and Cesspool Restorer uses specialized restorative enzymes to reactivate slow or lifeless septic systems. It restores and repopulates with beneficial bacteria. It digests fat, protein, paper, oils and starches.

Hercules BREAK-THRU products are biodegradable, with no harsh chemicals or harmful bacteria. Easy-to-use liquid. Safe for humans, animals, plants, and plumbing.

Hercules BREAK-THRU products contain an exceptionally large quantity (billions) of a unique blend of specific enzymes for targeted, safe, and efficient drain/septic system maintenance and treatment. They effectively break down waste blockage, without harsh chemicals that can interfere with the natural balance of the system and damage drains.

32 oz. Break-Thru Septic Tank & Cesspool Restorer

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