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Sta Put Putty - 5 lb.


Brand: Hercules

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Size: 5 lbs
Color: Beige
Type: Putty

Description for Hercules 25105

America's most popular brand of professional plumbers' putty. This superior grade of plumbers' putty molds easily, and will not harden, crumble, crack or shrink. A flexible, stretchable compound for professional use in setting bowls, fixtures, faucets, basin cocks, strainers, plugs, sink frames and all other sealing and caulking applications. Molds easily; provides a watertight seal. Will not stick to hands. Excellent low temperature properties. Meets Fed. Spec. A-A-3110 (formerly TT-P-1536A).

***NOTE: Not for use on porous surfaces. For porous surfaces, use Sta Put Ultra Putty.

Sta Put Putty - 5 lb.

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