1 lb. Cloroben Open Wide Drain Opener Zoom

1 lb. Cloroben Open Wide Drain Opener


Brand: Hercules

271131 has been discontinued.
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SKU: 20410
Brand: Hercules



Application: Plumbing
Size: 1 lb
Color: White

Description for Hercules 271131

OPEN WIDE can be used for slow running or completely clogged drains. A crystal drain opener which works faster than any liquid caustic or bleached-based openers and is more economical to use.


  • Crystal drain opener clears grease, hair, compacted food, soap scum and sludge in minutes.
  • Low heat formula makes OPEN WIDE safe for all plumbing, including toilets and septic systems, when used as directed.
  • Oxidizing power neutralizes odors within seconds.
  • Effervescent formula is self-dissolving and works through hot or cold standing water.
  • Use regularly to keep drains free-flowing and odor free.
  • Avoid contact with aluminum utensils, acrylic and fiberglass bathtubs, basins and surfaces.
  • Not for use on aluminum, galvanized steel, or garbage disposals.
NOTE: Not to be used for clogged toilet bowls

1 lb. Cloroben Open Wide Drain Opener

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