Cryo-Tek 100 Anti-Freeze, 1 Gallon Zoom

Cryo-Tek 100 Anti-Freeze, 1 Gallon


Brand: Hercules

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Application: Anti-Freeze
Size: 1 Gallon

Description for Hercules 35281

Cryo-Tek 100 Anti-Freeze Overview:

Contains virgin (not recycled) propylene glycol with Triple Protection corrosion inhibitor, ready to use formulation. Certified Performance: Freeze Protection Down to -70°F, Pumpable Down to -80°F, and Burst Protection Down to -100°F. Dilute for less severe conditions; check dilution tables in Hercules spec sheet to obtain desired protections. Not for use in boilers with aluminum heat exchangers.

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Cryo-Tek 100 Anti-Freeze, 1 Gallon

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