1/2 pt. Regular Body Furnace Cement Zoom

1/2 pt. Regular Body Furnace Cement


Brand: Hercules

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Color: Tan
Application: Boiler Repair
Size: 1/2 Pint
Body Type: Regular

Description for Hercules 35503


  • Use to seal and repair boilers, furnaces, flue pipes, stoves, ducts, kilns, chimneys, combustion chambers, and many other furnace and refractory applications.
  • Unique patented clean'n friendly formula meets OSHA's requirement of less than 0.1% of crystalline silica content.
  • Applies exceptionally smoothly.
  • Can be used on oil, gas, coal, and wood-burning heating systems.
  • Adheres to most building materials.
  • When cured, makes positive non-porous fireproof seal.
  • Will not shrink, crack or crumble.
  • Contains no oils, asbestos, or crystalline silica.
    Available in regular body (non-runny tan colored) cement, and heavy body (firmer consistency, dark gray color).

1/2 pt. Regular Body Furnace Cement

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