Megabubble Leak Detector, 16 oz. (w/ sprayer) Zoom

Megabubble Leak Detector, 16 oz. (w/ sprayer)


Brand: Hercules

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Size: 16 oz
Material: Propylene Glycol

Description for Hercules 45804

High viscosity formula produces large, easily detected high strength blue bubbles with excellent cling properties for easier detection of gas leaks on pipes, fittings, tanks, coils, cylinders, pressure vessels, valves, etc. Longer lasting bubbles remain on surface allowing extra time for detecting even the smallest and slowest of gas leaks. Will not harm or stain metal, rubber or plastic surfaces. Non-toxic, non-corrosive formula can be used in lines carrying air, oxygen, nitrogen, natural or propane gas, carbon dioxide, refrigerants, and most other gases.

Useful temperature range from -50°F to +200°F. For most convenient application use Product 45802 32 oz. spray applicator bottle or 45804 16 oz. spray applicator bottle.

Megabubble Leak Detector, 16 oz. (w/ sprayer)

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