4 oz. PVC & CPVC Primer (Purple) Zoom

4 oz. PVC & CPVC Primer (Purple)


Brand: Hercules

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Size: 4 oz
Color: Purple
VOC Level: 510 gpl
Application: PVC
All Schedules

Description for Hercules 60403

Image displayed represents 32 oz can.

Note: For use where plumbing codes require purple, rather than clear, primers.

Recommended method to soften and prepare surface of PVC and CPVC pipe and fittings (all sizes and Schedules except copper tube size CPVC before applying solvent cements. Purple label. Use caution: Purple primers contain a dye which is difficult or impossible to remove from many surfaces. Meets ASTM F656.

Note: Dauber in cap

4 oz. PVC & CPVC Primer (Purple)

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