TD6528, 1" Thermodisc Steam Trap (w/o Strainer) Zoom

TD6528, 1" Thermodisc Steam Trap (w/o Strainer)


Brand: Hoffman

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Size: 1"
Equipped: Without Strainer
Series: Series TD
Material: Cast Iron
Min Pressure (PSI): 600 psi
Max Temp (F): 800°F
Connection Type: Threaded
Product Type: Thermodisc Steam Trap

Description for Hoffman 405154

Thermodisc Series TD BearTrap

The Series TD Thermodisc traps are designed for applications such as high pressure steam drips, tracer lines, laundry and kitchen equipment, superheated steam applications and outdoor installation that are subject to freezing.

Thermodisc steam traps use flash steam velocity and pressure to move a free-floating disk to open and close a valve. Because the disc is the only moving part, the traps are rugged and resistant to damage. This type of trap provides dependable performance for applications with light to moderate condensate loads.


  • Stainless steel construction resists both internal and external corrosion
  • Stainless steel cast body
  • Hardened stainless steel disc is the only moving parts
  • Resists water hammer
  • Unaffected by superheated steam
  • Simplified installation
  • Traps operate in any orientation (horizontal preferred)
  • Freeze resistant when trap is piped in vertical orientation due to self-drainage design
  • Easy to monitor trap operation - audible discharge cycle makes checking operation simple
  • Operate over wide pressure range from 2 to 600 psig
  • Operates with back pressure up to 80% of line pressure
  • Max Pressure: PMO/PMA 600 psi
  • Max Temp: TMO/TMA 800º F

TD6528, 1" Thermodisc Steam Trap (w/o Strainer)

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