SPDT 24V 15-Amp Relay For TrueDRY (DH90)

SPDT 24V 15-Amp Relay For TrueDRY (DH90)


Brand: Honeywell

50027978-001 has been discontinued.
Suggested Alternative:
SKU: DR90A2000
Brand: Honeywell



Product Type: Miscellaneous
Capacity (Gallons/day): 16.25
Application: Air Quality
Switch: SPDT
Accessory For: DH90 Series

Description for Honeywell 50027978-001

TrueDRY dehumidification systems can be ducted to dehumidify the whole home, or placed as a stand-alone unit to dehumidify specific areas, such as an attic, basement or crawl space.
Product Features:

  • Energy efficient - TrueDRY removes more moisture using less energy than any other equivalent model on the market.
  • Integrated indoor air quality - On-board MERV 11 media filter and an integrated fresh air ventilation port (DH90 model) provide the home with fresh outdoor air that is clean and dehumidified.
  • Easy maintenance - Easy access service panels allow for quick replacement of the air filter and maintenance of internal parts

Product Specifications:
  • Description: SPDT 24V 15-Amp Relay
  • Application: Replacement Part
  • Voltage: 24V
  • Electrical Ratings: SPDT 15-Amp
  • Used With: DH90 Dehumidifier

SPDT 24V 15-Amp Relay For TrueDRY (DH90)

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