7-Day Programmable Line Volt Thermostat for Electric Heating (347 V) Zoom

7-Day Programmable Line Volt Thermostat for Electric Heating (347 V)


Brand: Honeywell Aube

Honeywell Aube
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Application: Convector or Fan-Forced Heater
Baseboard Heater
Electric Heat (Line Voltage)
Temperature Range (F): 32°-140°F
1 Heat
Programmability: 7 Day
Mount: Vertical
Power Method: Hardwired
Color: White
Electric Connection: 6" Tinned Copper Lead Wires
Height: 4.9"
Width: 5"
Depth (Inches): 1-1/2"
Frequency: 60 Hz
50 Hz
User Interface: Push Button
Switch: SPST
Wireless: No
Humidity Control: No

Description for Honeywell Aube TH106-A-347S4

This high-capacity TRIAC thermostat combines unbeatable accuracy and silent operation.


  • High-capacity electronic thermostat (up to 4000 W@240V)
  • Timeless design complements any room
  • Ultimate temperature control - the most accurate type of thermostat on the market (± 0.15 C / 0.27 F)
  • On-screen heating power indicator gives as-a-glance verification of power being used
  • 2-wire non-polarized connection means fast, hassle-free installation
  • Early start function ensures programmed temperature is reached by the programmed time
  • Temporary bypass enables temperature override without changing programming
  • Battery-free backup means no-reprogramming your schedule after a power outage
  • Electrical Ratings: Minimum Load: 2 A (resistive only) 700 W @ 347 Vac
  • Electrical Ratings: Maximum Load: 16.7 A (resistive only), 5800 W @ 347 Vac
  • Electrical Connections: 6" tinned copper lead wires
  • Sensor Element: Thermistor
  • Pre-programmed schedule
  • Switch Type: Triac

  • Specifications
    • Watts (347V): 5800W
    • Amps (347V): 16.7

    7-Day Programmable Line Volt Thermostat for Electric Heating (347 V)

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