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1097 ohm Electronic Temperature Sensor


Brand: Honeywell

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Application: Duct Discharge
Sensor Type: PT1000
1097 ohms @ 77 F PTC
Temperature Range (F): 40 to 180 F
Max Temp (F): 250°F

Description for Honeywell C7031J2009

The T775 temperature sensors are 1097 Ohm sensors for use with the T775 Series 2000 electronic standalone controller in commercial heating and cooling applications.

  • Use the T775-SENS-OAT to measure outside air temperature. Some typical applications for the 50021579-001 and T775-SENSWT/WR sensors include:
  • Monitoring return air temperatures
  • Monitoring discharge air temperatures
  • Monitoring mixed air temperatures All sensors:
  • Fast response time and highly accurate
  • 1/2 in. (6.35 mm) stainless steel probe with a thermally conductive epoxy
  • 1,097 Ohms PTC at 77×F (25C)
  • The 50021579-001 is a standard temperature sensor for indoor applications
  • The T775-SENS-WR is a water resistant sensor with 5 ft leads
  • The T775-SENS-WT is a water tight sensor with 6 ft leads
  • The T775-SENS-OAT is for sensing outdoor air temperature and is housed in a weatherproof case for outdoor use (knockouts allow for 1/2 in. conduit connection)
  • Two year warranty

1097 ohm Electronic Temperature Sensor

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