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36" Thermocouple


Brand: Honeywell

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Lead Wire Length: 36"
Connection Type: 11/32" 32 Male Nut
Open Circuit Output: 26 mV to 32 mV
Resistance : 0.02 ohms
Temperature Rating: Cold Junction: 780 F
Hot Junction: 1400 F
Includes: Adapter
Push-In Clip

Description for Honeywell Q390A1061

The Honeywell Q390A1061 30 mV Thermocouple has 36" leads and 11/32 32 Male Connector Nut connection for Pilotstat safety control power units.

Honeywell Thermocouples Q390 generate a thermoelectric current that senses a pilot flame on gas-fired heating systems. The pilot flame heats the tip of the thermocouple, producing a temperature differential between it and the base. This temperature difference generates a small amount (millivolts) of DC power.


  • Voltage: 30 mV;
  • Connection Type: 11/32 32 Male Connector Nut;
  • Open Circuit Output: 26 mV to 32 mV;
  • Resistance: 0.02 ohms;
  • Temperature Ratings Hot Junction: 1400 F;
  • Temperature Ratings Cold Junction: 780 F;
  • Tradeline Value: Tradeline

36" Thermocouple

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