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Dual Input Proportional plus integral controller w/ Remote sensor


Brand: Honeywell

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Sensor Inputs: Dual
Type: Dual Input plus Integral Control

Description for Honeywell RP920D1029

Proportional, high capacity, single or dual input pneumatic controller used in conjunction with remote sensors to provide proportional (P) or proportional plus integral (P+I) control of temperature, humidity, pressure, or dewpoint for heating and air conditioning systems. Replacement devices are available for Johnson, Powers, Robertshaw, Barber-Colman, and older Honeywell controllers.


  • Proportional plus integral control option minimizes offset.
  • Miniature diaphragm technology provides high degree of accuracy and reliability.
  • Direct Acting models can be converted to Reverse Acting (RA) function in field.
  • Field adjustable compensation start point.
  • Local or remote setpoint field option. Integral action cut-off provides trouble-free automatic startup.
  • Transparent cover (optional) provides protection while allowing easy reading of settings and gages.
  • Corrosion resistant construction.

  • Application: Proportional plus integral pneumatic controller
  • Remote bulb sensor: No
  • Action: Direct Acting
  • Airflow Usage: 0.07 scfm (33.0 mL/s) with 1 psi (7kPa) pressure drop at 18 psi (124 kPa) main air supply
  • Capacity: at 18 psi (124 kPa) MLP and 8.5 psi (59 kPa) BLP (does not include sensor usage): 0.021 scfm (10 mL/s)
  • Maximum Safe Operating Pressure (psi): 30 psi
  • Maximum Operating Temperature (F): 130F
  • Remote Control Point Adjustment: no
  • Operating Humidity Range (% RH): 5 to 95%
  • Input Signal: 3 to 15 psi
  • Output Pressure Range: 3 to 13 psi, output signal maximum is Mainline Pressure minus 1/2 psi
  • Temperature Range (F): 40 F to 130 F
  • All RP920s can be converted to reverse acting in the field. For additional technical information see literature Form no. 85-0224 and 95-7392EF.
  • Maximum Safe Mainline Pressure (psi): 30 psi
  • Mainline Pressure Range (psi): 17 to 21 psi

Dual Input Proportional plus integral controller w/ Remote sensor

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