Provides current status of burner sequence, timing information, hold information and lockout information, as well as selectable or preemptive messages.

  • Application flexibility.
  • First-out annunciation and system diagnostics provided by 2 row by 20 column Vacuum Fluorescent Display (VFD).
  • "Call Service" (Business Card) programmable message displayed when system lockout occurs.
  • Local or remote annunciation of operation and fault information.
  • First out expanded annunciation with 24 limit and interlock LEDs enhances keyboard display module information. Display can be Programmed to customize the expanded annunciator messages to the system.
  • Required to program Valve Proving and Post Purge feature on selected 7800 Series devices.
  • Can be setup for ModBus Communication.
  • Provides burner controller data.
  • Remote reset.

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Keyboard Display for VP setup
Temperature Range (F):
-40° to 140°F
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