1/2" Sweat Union Mixing Valves (Heating Only) Zoom

1/2" Sweat Union Mixing Valves (Heating Only)


Brand: Honeywell-Sparco

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Application: Heating
Type: Mixing Valve
Size: 1/2"
Flow Capacity (Cv): 3.9
Material: Nickel Plated Brass
Temperature Range (F): 70°F - 180°F
Max Pressure (PSI): 150 psi
Connection Type: Sweat

Description for Honeywell-Sparco AM100R-US-1

The Honeywell AM-1 series accurately adjusts, maintains and limits the hot water temperature to a desired setting selected by the user. In domestic water applications it offers scalding protection and bacteria growth control. By installing a Honeywell AM-1 mixing valve and raising water heater storage temperature setting and limiting mixed outlet water temperature to safe temperature more usable hot water is available. In heating applications it provides comfort and protects the equipment.


  • Dual purpose mixing or diverting valves
  • Constant water temperature under changing operating conditions
  • Reliable performance at minimum flow of 0.5 gpm
  • Proportional valve (simultaneous control of hot and cold water)
  • Temperature limit at any point
  • Flow reduction in seconds if cold water supply is interrupted
  • Nickel-plated brass construction, EPDM O-rings
  • All brass proportioning shuttle
  • Straight through design (hot and cold at the same level)
  • Max. pressure 150 psi (1034 kPa)
  • Max temperature 212 F (100 C)
  • Designed for easy maintenance and element replacement. TeflonĀ½ coated to prevent mineral build-up and extend life.
  • Tamper resistent design
  • Valve trapping not required
  • U.S. Patent No. 6,079,625

  • Connection Type: Union Sweat
  • Pipe Size (inch): 1/2 in.
  • Operating Temperature Range (F): 70 F to 180 F
  • Capacity (Cv): 3.9 Cv

1/2" Sweat Union Mixing Valves (Heating Only)

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