3/4" Vertical Angle Valve For Standard Capacity Radiator Zoom

3/4" Vertical Angle Valve For Standard Capacity Radiator


Brand: Honeywell Braukmann

Honeywell Braukmann
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Application: Hot Water
1 Pipe Steam
Size: 3/4"
Connection Type: Threaded
Body Pattern: Angle
Position: Normally Open
Temperature Range (F): 248°F Max
Flow Capacity (Cv): 2.7 Cv
Capacity: Standard
Capacity (BTU): 63
63800 Btu/hr (steam)
Inlet Size: 3/4"
Inlet Type: NPT
Outlet Type: Threaded (IPS)
Material: Nickel Plated Bronze
Max Pressure (PSI): 15 psi (Steam)
150 PSI (Hot Water)
With MV100: 36 psi
With T100 or T200: 15 psi
For low noise: 3 psi

Description for Honeywell Braukmann V2040ESL20

Product Overview:

  • One-Pipe Steam Thermostatic Radiator Valves - Allow automatic temperature control in one-pipe steam or hot water systems for free standing radiators, convectors and other heating units with standard capacity requirements. Provide comfort and energy savings.

    Product Features:
    • Continually monitors and adjusts room temperature for consistent comfort and relief from under-heating and overheating.
    • Adjustable balancing cartridge design made from resilient material (EPDM), ensures tight shut-off on steam and hot water systems.
    • Nickel plated brass casted body.
    • Replaceable cartridge for easy service with service tool.
    • Controls include valve body, steam air vent.
    • Used with T100 set point and capillary actuators.
    • No electrical connection required for non-electric actuators.
    • Normally open without control mounted.

    Product Specifications:
    • Description: 3/4? Angle Pattern Valve for Standard Capacity Radiator
    • Application Type : Use where installation space is limited
    • Pipe Size (inch): 3/4 in.
    • Pipe Size (DN): DN20
    • Body Pattern: Angle
    • Capacity: standard
    • Capacity (Cv): 2.7 Cv
    • Capacity (Btu/hr-steam): 63,800 Btu/hr
    • Pressure Ratings (Hot Water (psi)): 150 psi maximum
    • Pressure Ratings (Hot Water (kPa)): 1034 kPa maximum
    • Pressure Ratings (Steam (psi)): 15 psi maximum
    • Pressure Ratings (Steam (kPa)): 103 kPa
    • Differential Pressure Ratings (psi): 17 psi maximum
    • Differential Pressure Ratings (psi): With T100 or T200: 15 psi
    • Differential Pressure Ratings (psi): With MV100: 36 psi
    • Differential Pressure Ratings (psi): For low noise: 3 psi
    • Temperature Ratings (F): 248 F Maximum
    • Temperature Ratings (C): 120 C Maximum
    • Dimensions (in.): 1 1/8 in. x 2 5/8 in.
    • Materials (Body): Nickel Plated Bronze
    • Cartridge Change Tool: Yes - Use VA8200A001
    • Used With: T100
    • Inlet Connection Size (in.): 3/4 in.
    • Inlet Connection Type: NPT
    • Outlet Connection Type: Threaded

3/4" Vertical Angle Valve For Standard Capacity Radiator

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