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1/2" Two Way Cartridge Globe Valve (.19 Cv) Zoom

1/2" Two Way Cartridge Globe Valve (.19 Cv)


Brand: Honeywell

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Size: 1/2"
Flow Capacity (Cv): 0.19
Connection Type: Sweat
Body Pattern: 2-Way
Temperature Range: 36° to 230°F

Description for Honeywell V5852A2007

Two-way Cartridge Globe Valves control hot and/or chilled water for VAV terminal units, fan coil units, small reheaters and recoolers in electric/electronic temperature control systems. Used with the M6410 3-position floating Non-Spring Return Valve Actuator and the M7410 selectable 0 to 10 Vdc or 2 to 10 Vdc Non-Spring Return Actuator. The 1/2" and 3/4" valves are compatible with the M6435 floating Spring Return Actuator, the M7435 selectable 0 to 10 Vdc or 2 to 10 Vdc Spring Return Actuator, and the MP958 Pneumatic Actuator. Larger valves (1" through 1-1/2") are pressure balanced, which results in higher close-off pressures.

  • Long stroke allows wider range of control.
  • Soft valve seat provides low leakage rate.
  • Inserts for 1/2 in. and 3/4 in. valves are changeable without draining valve when used with an insert replacement tool.
  • Brass body and Stainless Steel stem.
  • Threaded plastic cover/manual handle allows manual operation.
  • Easily installed in areas where space is limited.

  • Valve Type: Cartridge Globe Valve
  • Body Pattern: Two-way
  • Flow Characteristic: Equal Percentage
  • Controlled Medium: Chilled or hot water with up to 50% Glycol
  • Connection Type: Sweat (Female)
  • Max. Safe Operating Pressure: 235 psi
  • Valve Action: Stem down to close
  • Actuation: Must be purchased separately
  • Stem Travel: 1/4 in.
  • Ambient Temperature: 36 to 230 F
  • Leakage Rating: ANSI Class IV (0.01% of Cv maximum)
  • Used with: M6410A1029; M7410F1000; M6435A1004; M7435F1001; MP958

1/2" Two Way Cartridge Globe Valve (.19 Cv)

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