1-1/4" NPT, 3-Way VC Valve Assembly (8.3 Cv) Zoom

1-1/4" NPT, 3-Way VC Valve Assembly (8.3 Cv)


Brand: Honeywell

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Body Pattern: 3-Way
Size: 1-1/4"
Flow Characteristic: Linear
Ambient Temperature: 32 to 150 F
Valve Action: Stem Up to Close Port A
Connection Type: Sweat
Max Pressure (PSI): 300
Flow Capacity (Cv): 8.3
Stem Travel: 0.4"
Controlled Fluid: Chilled or hot water with up to 60% Glycol
Max Differential: 60 psi
Fluid Temperature Range: 34 F to 203 F
Accessory For: On-Off Type VC Actuators

Description for Honeywell VCZNE7100

Three-way Cartridge Cage Valves are intended for hydronic applications in a normal indoor environment to control the flow of hot water or chilled water glycol solution to 60% concentration. These valves are designed for zone control of heating/cooling systems, or to control individual fan coil, baseboard radiator or convector applications. Depending on the model selected they can be controlled by SPST or SPDT two position controller, tristate (floating), or modulating proportional controller. For best control, outdoor temperature compensation of supply water temperature is recommended. For trouble-free operation of the product, good installation practice must include initial system flushing, chemical water treatment, and the use of a 50 micron (or finer) system side stream filter(s). Remove all filters before flushing.


  • Quick open and linear flow characteristics available
  • Mixing or diverting application
  • A-AB-B body pattern
  • 7000-series valves for floating and modulating non-fail safe applications
  • 6000-series valves for two-position control
  • High close-off rating independent of Cv
  • Available with a variety of North American and international pipe fittings
  • No tools required for actuator installation or removal
  • Actuator removal does not require draining system
  • Service is by replacement of cartridge, not valve body
  • Cartridge replacement rebuilds valve to factory-new condition

  • 1-1/4" NPT, 3-Way VC Valve Assembly (8.3 Cv)

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