Replacement Cartridge for VC Series 2-Way Valves w/ wrench Zoom

Replacement Cartridge for VC Series 2-Way Valves w/ wrench


Brand: Honeywell

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Application: Replacement Part
Controlled Fluid: Water
Product Type: Replacement Cartridge
Material: Stainless Steel
Diameter (Inches): 1-1/2"
Height: 2-9/16"
Flow Characteristic: Equal Percentage

Description for Honeywell VCZZ1400

Replacement cartridge,red spring, for VC series 2-way valves, with Equal Percentage flow for use with fail safe proportional actuators. Includes cartridge wrench.

The cartridges used in VC-Series valves determine the Cv (kv) rating and flow characteristic of a valve body. Replacing the cartridge rebuilds the valve to original factory specifications. 1000-series cartridges fit all 2-way VC bodies. 6000-series cartridges fit all 3-way VC bodies. For trouble-free operation of the product, good installation practice must include initial system flushing, chemical water treatment, and the use of a 50 micron (or finer) system side stream filter(s). Remove all filters before flushing. Do not use boiler additives, solder flux and wetted materials which are petroleum based or contain mineral oil, hydrocarbons, or ethylene glycol acetate. Compounds which can be used, with minimum 50% water dilution, are diethylene glycol, ethylene glycol, and propylene glycol (antifreeze solutions).


  • Use VCZZ1XXX with two-way valves.
  • Use VCZZ6XXX with three-way valves.
  • Quick and easy replacement of moving parts.
  • Restores valve to factory-new conditions.
  • Using different cartridge changes Cv and flow characteristic of body.
  • Identical cartridge can have different Cv in bodies of different sizes.

  • Replacement Cartridge for VC Series 2-Way Valves w/ wrench

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