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Communicating Economizer


Brand: Honeywell

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Product Type: Logic Module
Frequency: 60 Hz
Temperature Range (F): -40° to 149°F
Color: Black
Humidity Range: 5 to 95% RH
Height: 4-1/8"
Width: 4-3/8"
Depth (Inches): 1-5/8"
Accessory For: 72 Series Actuators

Description for Honeywell W7340C1000

The W7340 Communicating Economizer Logic Module is used with a demand control ventilation (DCV) sensor input and solid state temperature and humidity or enthalpy sensors. The device proportions outdoor and return air damper motors for control of free cooling in commercial HVAC equipment. Replaces Black color units only.


  • Replaces Black color unit only.
  • Operates from the space thermostat and a DCV sensor to provide a totally integrated control system.
  • Combines minimum damper position potentiometer and compressor staging relay functions with solid state temperature (10K NTC) and humidity or enthalpy changeover control; this control can be tempered by DCV and fan cycling.
  • Communicates with Trane ReliaTEl.
  • LED indicates the status of the device.
  • Case matches the lines of the M7215 Damper Motor.
  • Output: 2-10 Vdc to actuator
  • Input: Air Quality Sensor
  • Input: Enthalpy Sensor: C7400C
  • Input: Discharge Air Tempterature Sensor C7046
  • Use with Sensor: C7046 & C7232
  • Use with Sensor: May add a second C7400 sensor for differential control
  • Contact Ratings: 1.5 A Run @ 24 Vac
  • Economizer Logic Module operates Series 72 actuators. Accepts inputs from discharge or mixed air temperature sensors. Optional remote minimum position potentiometer. With outdoor high limit. Can be used with C7400 Enthalpy Sensors
  • Communicating Economizer

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