For oil boilers. Cold Start or Warm Start operation. Thermal Targeting feature factory set to off position. Activation of Thermal Targeting feature will adjust boiler water temperature according to changes in heat load. IMPORTANT: Provides only temperature and reset functionality when installed on existing standard immersion well. LWCO functionality automatically activated when installed on ElectroWell

Temperature Limit
  • Universal replacement for common Aquastat* models
  • Provides cold start and tankless-coil operation
  • Easy to Set, dial type limit settings
  • Industry standard wiring designations

Boiler Reset
  • Lowers the boiler temperature to save fuel without sacrificing comfort
  • Easy to Install - No outdoor sensor required
  • Easy to Set - Just dial in the number of heating zones
  • Works with virtually any boiler

Low Water Cut-Off
  • Protects boilers from damaging low water conditions
  • Easy to install - No outdoor sensor required
  • Easy to set - Just dial in the number of heating zones
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120 VAC
Hot Water Boilers

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