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ICM326HN Single-Phase Head Pressure Control (120, 208/240 VAC)


Brand: ICM Controls

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Product Type: Single Phase Control
Application: Air Conditioners
Line Voltage: 120 or 208/240 VAC
Frequency: 50-60 Hz
- Maximum: 10 amps
- Minimum: 100 mA
Sensors: 10K ohms at 25°C
Heat Pump Override: N.C. or N.O.
Operating Temp Range: -40° to +176°F
Modulation: 70° to +100°F
Mount: Surface

Description for ICM Controls ICM326HN

ICM326HN Head Pressure Controls helps prevent evaporator freeze-ups, liquid-slugged compressors, low pressure cutouts and overshoots seen with on/off and pressure switch controls.


  • Integral heat pump bypass circuitry allows electronic bypass of the speed control during heat pump operation
  • Built in transformer reduces cost, simplifies installation and wiring with direct set0up from line voltage
  • Helps prevent evaporator freeze ups, low pressure cut-outs and liquid-slugged compressors in low ambient conditions
  • Solid state 10 amp load carrying capability
  • Single unit controls up to 3 refrigerant circuits
  • Hard start adjustable from .1-5 seconds; provides full torque to the motor during start-up to help ensure proper fan rotation and lubrication of bearings
  • Low speed cutoff, field-adjustable; user may set the minimum RPM level at which the condenser fan should operate
  • High Temperature Bypass, applies full voltage to the condenser fan under normal conditions
  • RoHS compliant / Lead Free design
  • Ideal for line voltage air conditioning and refrigeration

Ideal for low ambient conditions found in:
  • Supermarkets, frozen food storage
  • Computer rooms, cooling tower fans
  • Temperature/humidity-sensitive environments
Mode of Operation - ICM Head Pressure Controls operate as temperature-sensitive motor fan speed controls. Head pressure is regulated during low ambient conditions by varying the amount of airflow through the condenser. This helps ensure sufficient pressure across the expansion valve, preventing costly downtime and/or loss of valuable perishable goods.

ICM326HN Single-Phase Head Pressure Control (120, 208/240 VAC)

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