Ignitors & Burners

Hot surface ignitors are found on furnaces and are responsible for lighting the gas flames upon unit start-up. An oil burner is a heating device which burns fuel oil in a heating system.

Hot Surface Ignitors

Included in this category are Robertshaw's Norton 41-400 Series Hot Surface Ignitors,

Allanson Ignition Transformers

For over 80 years Allanson's Ignition transformers have provided quality and performa

Gas and Oil Burner Accessories

This category contains many White Rodgers Gas and Oil Burner Replacement parts. Item

Oil Burners and Controls

This section contains Oil Primary Controls and Oil Burner Controls.

Ignition Controls & Modules

This category includes Honeywell Ignition Controls, White Rodgers Ignition Controls,

Pilot Burner

Pilot Burner for natural or LP gas with a BCR-18 orifice, front single tip style, "B"

Pilot Burner Tubing

This category contains a variety of Aluminum Pilot Tubing. Aluminum Pilot Tubing conn

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