Individual Indoor or Outdoor Units

With unique features such as a 72-hour ON/OFF timer, branch extension, and built-in drain pump, Panasonic's Ductless Split Air Conditioner products offer wide versatility in solving your cooling for a single. (*Note: The maximum head 20 inches is from the discharge of the indoor unit. The condensate pump is only for allowing the drain line to meet minimum gravity flow requirements.*)

The concealed duct mini-split air conditioners consist of an evaporator, the indoor unit which is mounted inside the room, enclosed in a handsome space saving cabinet. It's connected to the condenser, the outdoor unit, via refrigerant lines and inter-unit wiring through a 3-1/2" opening in the wall.

Since no ductwork is required for concealed duct mini-split air conditioners, installation is simple, fast and efficient. The indoor unit has been especially designed to operate in virtual silence, simultaneously delivering comfort throughout room(s). Panasonic's Concealed Duct Mini-Split Air Conditioners combine sleek styling in duct systems with whisper quiet operations, quality and reliability you can count on.

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