Inline Duct Fans

Inline Duct fans are exhaust fans mounted in-between ducting, hence the name inline duct fan. For instance, if you wanted to ventilate an area that did not have clearance or space for a ceiling mount fan, you would make use of inline exhaust fans to ventilate the area. The exhaust fan would be placed in between the ductwork and the stale air would travel through the ducts and ultimately be removed from your home. Since inline fans are not mounted directly to the ceiling, they are very quiet. When installing an inline fan, to reduce noise, an insulated flex duct at least eight feet long from the intake port on the ceiling to the inline fan is recommend.

FR Series Inline Round Centrifugal Exhaust Fans

Fantech's versatile FR Series Inline Fans provide the ideal answer for a variety of a

FG Series Inline Round Centrifugal Exhaust Fans

FG fans are equipped with backward-curved impeller blades and external rotor motors.

FKD Series Inline Round Mixed Flow Centrifugal Fans

Fantech FKD direct drive, mixed flow centrifugal fans blend the high flow of axial fa

FSD Series Inline Mixed Flow Square Centrifugal Fans

Fantech FSD mixed flow centrifugal type exhaust/supply fans for moderate size ventila

FRD Series Inline Rectangular Low Profile Centrifugal Fans

Limited space? No problem. Fantech's FRD Series centrifugal type exhaust/supply fans

CVS Series Central Ventilation Multi-Port Exhaust Fans

Fantech's CVS fans have been engineered for installation in areas where space is limi Logo

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