Installation Parts

Installation accessories are the items needed to aid in the installation of PEX Tubing for PEX Plumbing systems.

Plastic Bend Supports

Plastic Bend Supports provide rigid 90-degree bend for PEX Tubing. The Bend Supports

Metal Bend Supports

Metal Bend Supports provide a rigid 90-degree bend for PEX Tubing. These Bend Support

PEX Tube Talons

Tube Talons connect PEX Tubing to wood surfaces. They can be used for PEX Plumbing Ap

Economy PEX Tubing Clamps

Economy PEX Clamps nail or screw in place to hold PEX Tubing securely.

Chrome Sleeves

Chrome Finishing Sleeve slides over 3/8" and 1/2" Uponor Wirsbo AQUAPEX tubing connec

Drop Ear Bend Supports

Plastic and metal drop ear bend supports provide rigid 90-degree bend and connection

Suspension Clip Tubing Fasteners

These suspension type PEX tubing fasteners can be used to support PEX tubing hanging

Escutcheons for PEX

Escutcheons are used to provide a clean finished look where PEX Tubing or stub-outs a

Steel Plate Protector

Steel Plate Protector protects tubing from possible damage by drywall, trim screws or

Straight-through Supports

Straight-through Supports Straight-through Support provides rigid straight-throug

Work Gloves

Red Palm and Brown Work Gloves

Tubing Insulators

These suspension type tubing hangers can be used to isolate tubing passing through jo

Bundle Ties

Nylon bundle ties allow multiple lines of PEX Tubing to be held together keeping the

EZ Route PEX Routing

This category contains PEX Routing material manufactured by EZ Route, needed to make

More About PEX Installation Parts

PEX Installation Parts are the accessories needed to install PEX tubing in plumbing applications. These include tube talons for PEX Supports, Clamps & Fasteners, and PEX Protectors.

PEX Supports
Plastic bend supports and Metal bend supports provide a simple solution for making a 90 degree turn with PEX tubing.

A Drop Ear Bend Support simultaneously provides a rigid 90 degree bend and connection free stub-out from a stud wall or floor.

A Straight-through A Support provides a rigid straight support for 1/2" PEX tubing as it exits a floor.

EZ Route PEX Routing is designed for routing 1/2", 5/8" or 3/4" PEX in unison.

Clamps & Fasteners
PEX Tube Talons connect PEX tubing to wood surfaces. PEX Tube Talons allow an installer to secure tubing to subfloors, wood joists, and studs. It can be used to secure tubing in either horizontal or vertical PEX pipe runs.

Suspension Clip Tubing Fasteners support PEX tubing hanging below joists. These rubber accessories may also be used to isolate tubing passing through joists.

Economy PEX Tubing Clamps are plastic fasteners that are nailed or screwed into place to hold PEX tubing securely in place.

Bundle Ties allow multiple lines of PEX Tubing to be held together keeping the installation neat and secure. Pipethon plastic straps are ideal for bundling manifold distribution lines.

PEX Protectors
Chrome Sleeves slide over 3/8" or 1/2" PEX tubing that is connected to a point-of-use valve. This provides protection and a professional appearance. Each finishing sleeve is 4" long and chrome plated.

Steel Plate Protectors defend PEX from possible damage by drywall, trim screws, or nails, etc.

Tubing Insulators are plastic polymer insulators used to suspend and insulate PEX tubing that pass through metal studs, joists, and wood. They protect and support PEX tubing, and can also be used to isolate PEX from abrasion when passing through joists.

Escutcheons are flat metal accessories that protect and decorate PEX tubing or stub-outs exit a wall. They provide a clean finished look at fixtures where PEX tubing or stub-outs protrude from the wall.