Model #3250 (Replaces HW+)

I-CON 3250 is a microprocessor-based, fuel-saving control for hot water (hydronic) heating systems. I-CON 3250 reduces fuel consumption, wear on parts, flue emissions and electrical usage, when installed on any new or existing gas or oil burner. I-CON 3250 uses intelligent Dynamic Cycle Management (DCM) technology to save energy by adjusting the burner run pattern to match the system’s “heat load.” Its action is similar to the industry-accepted method of “outdoor- air temperature reset control,” but does not require an outdoor- air temperature sensor or the need to profile the building in order to adjust the “reset” controller properly. I-CON 3250 determines the “heat load” by using an easily installed strap-on temperature sensor that monitors the boiler’s out-flow water temperature and the rate that this temperature is changing.

System Requirements
  • Hydronic Boiler with non-proportional burner
  • Input rating less than 400,000 BTU / hour
  • Fueled by #2 heating oil, natural gas or propane
  • Can be used on boilers with an internal DHW coil

Target Facilities
  • Single family and small multifamily homes
  • Apartment Buildings,
  • Garden Apartments
  • Residential Cooperatives
  • Restaurants
  • Health clubs
  • Other small to mid-sized heating systems or DHW systems

Typical Savings
Fuel savings range from 10% to 22%. The average realized savings for this control is 14.3% in the first year after installation.
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Hot Water Heating Systems
Energy Star Rated
DCM Technology
Any position via molded-on 1/2" Electrical Fitting
Operating Humidity:
5% to 95% (non-condensing)
Operating Temp Range:
-10°F to +120°F
Power Input:
24/115/220 VAC @ 5W
Control Circuit:
24 VAC/DC 115/220 VAC
Relay Contact:
10A @ 220 VAC General Purpose
Depth (Inches):
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