The A-4000 Series Oil Removal and Pressure Reducing Stations (see Figs. 1 through 4) are available in single or dual PRV models in 10 or 20 SCFM (4.7 or 9.4 L/s) maximum flow capacities. In addition, each unit features a four-way bypass valve, coalescing and activated charcoal oil removing filters, and is completely piped with copper tubing which reduces friction, allows higher flow rates, and meets fire codes in mechanical equipment rooms. The filter combination removes both oil aerosols and vapors to provide clean, oil free air for pneumatic control systems. All models provide maximum performance for a period of one year at which time the coalescing and activated charcoal filter elements will need to be replaced. Gauges are provided to monitor system operations and performance. All models can provide filtered, high pressure air to remote PRV stations.

All models have a maximum input pressure rating of 150 PSIG (1050 kPa) and an upper temperature limit of 120°F (52°C).
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