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Transmitter 40-240F


Brand: Johnson Controls

Johnson Controls
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Temperature Range (F): 40 to 240°F
Min Temp (F): 40°F
Max Temp (F): 240°F

Description for Johnson Controls T-5220-1004

The T-5520 High Volume Output Pneumatic Temperature Transmitter is designed to measure temperature in ducts, pipes, tanks, or other areas requiring remote temperature measurement. This measurement is converted to an air pressure signal that is transmitted to a pneumatic receiver, controller, and/or receiver-indicator. The T-5220 is designed for applications which require a high output capacity, a high degree of accuracy, or a transmitter of industrial quality. When used with a Dewcel® (purchased locally), the T-5220 can also be used as a dew point transmitter.

Pneumatic feedback is incorporated into the transmitter design to assure an exact proportional relationship between the measured temperature and the transmitted signal.

Transmitter 40-240F

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