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Dual Input Receiver Controller


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Johnson Controls
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Description for Johnson Controls T-5800-3

The T-5800 Series Receiver- Controllers are designed for use with remote temperature, humidity, or pressure transmitters (connected to the controlled variable ?CV? input) to provide precise control of pneumatic devices. The T-5800-1 is a single input proportional-only receiver-controller with field selectable local or remote set point. The T-5800-2 is also a single input receiver-controller with field selectable local or remote set point; however, this model provides proportional plus integral (PI) control. In addition, an automatic/manual integral control cutout feature is incorporated into the T-5800-2 design. This feature allows the system to start up using proportional-only control thus keeping the system from going out of control on startup, as is inherent to PI (automatic reset) controllers, when the system has been off for some time. Refer to Product Data T-5800 for instrument specifications and additional details.

Dual Input Receiver Controller

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