Cooling Line Voltage Thermostat, OFF-AUTO Switch (40 to 90F)

Cooling Line Voltage Thermostat, OFF-AUTO Switch (40 to 90F)


Brand: Johnson Controls

Johnson Controls
T22JAA-1 has been discontinued.
Direct Replacement:
Brand: Johnson Controls



Application: Cool Only
Switch: SPST
Features: High Temp. Stop
Max Temp (F): 40° to 90°F
Finish: Base and Cover: Baked "Tawny Silver" Enamel
Faceplate: Dark Brown and Light Brown w/ Aluminum Lettering
Wiring: Screw Connections
User Interface: Mechanical
Programmability: Non-Programmable
Mount: Vertical

Description for Johnson Controls T22JAA-1

The T22 line voltage thermostats control heating, cooling, or year round air conditioning units in commercial, industrial or residential installations. Typical uses are for unit heaters, fan coils, blast coils, refrigeration storage rooms, electric heat, duct furnaces, Greenhouses, etc. Models are available with SPST or SPDT contact action for standard duty (nominal 1/4 hp) or heavy duty (nominal 1 hp) applications.


  • Sensitive liquid charge element and efficient leverage provides close differential without anticipators.
  • Thermostats have concealed, adjustable, high temperature stop. (See Fig. 2.)
  • Choice of built-in selector switches -- and wide selection of circuitry.
  • Requires no add-on subbases.
  • Snap-acting contacts in a sealed dust protected enclosure.
  • Close differential without need for anticipator.
  • Bimetal thermometer is standard. Easily calibrated.

Cooling Line Voltage Thermostat, OFF-AUTO Switch (40 to 90F)

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