120/208/240/277V SPDT Thermostat (40-75F) Zoom

120/208/240/277V SPDT Thermostat (40-75F)


Brand: Johnson Controls

Johnson Controls
T26A-14 has been discontinued.
Direct Replacement:
SKU: T26A-14C
Brand: Johnson Controls



Application: Heat Only
Programmability: Non-Programmable
Switch: SPDT
User Interface: Mechanical
Mount: Vertical

Description for Johnson Controls T26A-14


  • Line Voltage Components Switch Box mounted which provides isolation of electrical circuit from sensing element
  • Models with limited ranges available provides energy conservation
  • Adjustable High/Low Range Stops
  • Enclosed Pennswitch provides dust protection for contacts
  • Mounting Plate allows easy mounting and wiring without removing the cover

  • Differential: Approximately 0.7 F
  • Ambient Operating Temperature: 0 to 105?F
  • Sensing Element: Liquid Filled
  • Thermometer: Bi-metal Type
  • Switch: Snap-acting Contacts in a Dust-protected Enclosure
  • Mounting: Vertical or Horizontal 2 x 4 in. Wall Box
  • Wiring Terminals: Large 8-32 x 1/4 in. Binder Head Screws
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 4.71 x 2.96 x 2.87 in.

120/208/240/277V SPDT Thermostat (40-75F)

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