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Programmable Multi Stage Thermostat (2 Heat/2 Cool)


Brand: Johnson Controls

Johnson Controls
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Application: Multi Stage (Heat/Cool)
Programmability: Programmable
7 Day
2 Heat/2 Cool
User Interface: Push Button
Mount: Vertical
Options: Works with Sensor
Password Lockout
Fan Control
Humidity Control: No
Wireless: No

Description for Johnson Controls T600MSP-4

The T600xxN-3 Series non-programmable and T600xxP-3 Series programmable thermostats are specifically designed for control of single-stage, multistage, and heat pump commercial heating and cooling equipment. The T600xxP-3 Series thermostats are also specifically designed for control of rooftop units (with and without economizers). The T600xxx-3 Series thermostats provide exceptional temperature control in an easy-to-use, yet flexible, package. The T600xxx-3 Series thermostats have over 20 configurable parameters, enabling the thermostats to adapt to a variety of applications. The T600xxx-3 Series thermostats include several models: Single-stage (T600HCx-3), Heat Pump (T600HPx-3), Multi-stage (T600MSx-3), and Economizer (T600MEP-3). All thermostats use a unique Proportional-Integral (PI) proportional control algorithm that virtually eliminates temperature offset associated with traditional differential based thermostats.


  • Backlit Liquid Crystal Display (LCD): Offers real-time control status of the environment in easy-to-read, English plain text messages with constant backlight that brightens during user interaction.
  • Simplified Setpoint Adjustment: Enables user to change the setpoint by simply pressing the UP/DOWN arrow keys.
  • Five Easy-to-Use Interface Keys: Allow for easy commissioning and adjustment of the thermostat and eliminates the need for Dual Inline Package (DIP) switches.
  • Three Light-Emitting Diodes (LEDs): Provide fan, heating, and cooling status at a glance
  • Two Configurable Digital Inputs: Over 20 Configurable Parameters: Enable the thermostat to adapt to any application, allowing installer parameter access without opening the thermostat cover.Provide additional inputs for advanced functions such as remote night setback, occupancy override, and service or filter alarms.
  • Configurable Auxiliary Output: Provides 24 VAC control for exhaust fans, lighting, and other auxiliary functions.
  • Economizer Output (T600MEP-3): Controls economizer operation for single- and multi-stage unitary rooftop equipment.
  • Adjustable Heating/Cooling Deadband: Adjusts the minimum heating/cooling deadband from 2 to 4F° (1 to 2C°).
  • Adjustable Maximum Heating/Minimum Cooling Setpoints: Establish the maximum heating setpoint and minimum cooling setpoint that can be entered through the user interface.
  • Progressive Recovery: Ensures the correct temperature is reached at the programmed occupied time.
  • Adjustable Heating/Cooling Cycles per Hour: Configurable for a maximum of 3 to 8 heating cycles and 3 or 4 cooling cycles in a 1-hour period, balancing temperature control and equipment cycling.
  • Smart Fan: Enables the fan to operate continuously during the occupied times and cycle with the equipment during the unoccupied times.
  • Adjustable Power Delay on Start-up: Enables a delay before any operation is authorized upon power up of the thermostat. Can be used for equipment protection or to sequence start-up of multiple units in one location.
  • Remote Indoor and Outdoor Sensing:
  • Accommodates remote indoor and outdoor sensors. Up to three indoor sensors can be averaged.
  • Three Levels of Keypad Lockout: Provide three different levels of keypad lockout that can be set up through the menu and interface keys.
  • Adjustable Anti-Short Cycling Timer: Adjusts the minimum on and off times for the equipment from 0 to 5 minutes.
  • Frost Protection Enable/Disable: Turns the heat on when the zone temperature drops below 42°F (5.5°C) regardless of the thermostat?s mode.
  • Adjustable Temporary Occupancy Time: Adjusts the occupancy override time from 0 to 12 hours.
  • High and Low Balance Point Adjustments: Enable more precise control of heat pump operation based on outdoor air temperature (T600HPx-3).
  • System Mode Lockout: Allows the heating and cooling modes to be locked out based on outdoor air temperature when an outdoor air sensor is connected.
  • Non-volatile EEPROM Memory: Prevents loss of adjusted parameters during power failure.
  • Power Loss Backup for Clock (T600xxP-3): Retains clock setting for up to 6 hours in case of power loss.
  • Heating and Cooling Stage Enable/Disable (T600MEP-3, T600MSx-3): Allows operation of the second-stage heating and cooling to be disabled, reverting the thermostat to single-stage operation on multi-stage thermostats.
  • Heat Pump Compressor Stage Enable/Disable (T600HPx-3): Allows operation of the second-stage compressor to be disabled, reverting the thermostat to single stage compressor operation on heat pump thermostats.

  • Power Requirements: 19 to 30 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 2 VA (Terminals 4 and 5) at 24 VAC Nominal, Class 2 or Safety Extra-Low Voltage (SELV)
  • Relay Contact Rating Maximum Inductive: 30 VAC, 1.0 A Maximum, 3.0 A In-Rush
  • Digital Inputs: Voltage-Free Contacts across Terminal C to Terminals DI1 or DI2
  • Recommended Wire Size: 18 AWG (1.0 mm Diameter) Maximum, 22 AWG (0.6 mm Diameter) Recommended
  • Sensor Type : Local 10k ohm NTC thermistor
  • Temperature Range Backlit Display: -40.0°F/-40.0°C to 122.0°F/ 50.0°C in 0.5° Increments
  • Heating Control: 40.0°F/4.5°C to 90.0°F/32.0°C
  • Cooling Control:54.0°F/12.0°C to 100.0°F/38.0°C
  • Accuracy Temperature: ±0.9F°/±0.5C° at 70.0°F/21.0°C Typical Calibrated
  • Minimum Deadband: 2F°/1C° between Heating and Cooling
  • Ambient Conditions Operating: 32 to 122°F (0 to 50°C); 95% RH Maximum, Noncondensing
  • Storage: -22 to 122°F (-30 to 50°C); 95% RH Maximum, Noncondensing
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 4.94 x 3.38 x 1.13 in. (125 x 86 x 29 mm)

Programmable Multi Stage Thermostat (2 Heat/2 Cool)

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